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Infusion Tea 1600 Edgewater Dr , Orlando, FL, 32804
Health/ Vegetarian/ Vegan/ Gluten Free
    SpicySpicy Dish  Veggie Vegetarian Dish Gluten Free Gluten Free

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Bars Of Hope: Buy One Nourish Too Project
“ALMOST 10 MILLION PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD EACH YEAR DIE FROM HUNGER AND MALNUTRITION” Together, we can have an impact this global epidemic with the Buy 1, Nourish 2 Project! Our drivers constantly see hungry and homeless people in our community every day. Doorstep has committed to try and conquer this epidemic by teaming with Bar of Hope. When you add a $3 donation of a hope bar to your order, our drivers will deliver this form of whole food nutrition to a local homeless person through their delivery routes. Not only will you help fight hunger in our community, but a second bar will be shipped to a child in hunger as well. Help us fight worldwide hunger by delivering HOPE!
$10 Make a Donation

All funds collected will go directly to the Hope Bar foundation. Thanks!
$10.00   $3 Make a Donation

All funds collected will go directly to the Hope Bar foundation. Thanks!
$3.00   $5 Make a Donation

All funds collected will go directly to the Hope Bar foundation. Thanks!
Lunch Combinations
Available Mon-Fri 11am-3pm
1/2 Panino and 1/2 Salad

$10.95   1/2 Panino and 1/2 Soup

$10.95   1/2 Salad and 1/2 Soup

1/2 Salad and 1/2 Tea Sandwich

$8.95   1/2 Salad and 1/2 Wrap

wrap made as a sandwich on whole wheat bread, or vegan white
$8.95   1/2 Soup and 1/2 Tea Sandwich

1/2 Soup and 1/2 Wrap

wrap made as a sandwich on whole wheat bread, or vegan white
$8.95   Quiche of the Day and 1/2 Salad

$10.95   Quiche of the Day and 1/2 Soup

Seasonal Offerings
Caprese Panini

Our twist on the classic caprese with fresh tomatoes and basil, Havarti, and sundried tomato aioli on toasted ciabatta bread.
$8.00   Cauliflower Chickpea Tacos  Veggie

Serviced with with crispy kale slaw, cilantro guacamole, and sour cream.
$8.00   Garden Gazpacho  Veggie

Served chilled, cucumbers, celery, green peppers and fire-roasted tomatoes, and a hint of spice give this popular soup our signature flare.
Kale Salad  Gluten Free

Sweet dried cranberries and creamy apple cider vinaigrette complement delicious roasted cauliflower and hearty pistachios on a bed of leafy kale.
$8.00   Sausage & Potato Burrito

Veggie sausage joins roasted potatoes, peppers and onions, spinach, salsa and Colby-Jack for a satisfying burrito.
Soup of the Day - Bowl

Homemade daily, ask for today s selection.
$5.25   Tempeh Chili (vegan and GF) - Bowl

Our famous blend of mild spices, crumbled tempeh, beans, nuts, corn and tomato goodness
Fruit Bowl (GF)

Seasonal fresh fruit, organic when available. Add a side of yogurt and granola for $1.
$5.00   Milton Special (vegan and GF)

Organic field greens, roasted beets, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, tomato, cucumber, hummus and tabouleh. A College Park classic!
$8.25   Raspberry Salad

Organic field greens topped with candied walnuts, bleu cheese crumbles and dried cranberries, dressed with an organic raspberry vinaigrette.
Roasted Pear

Organic field greens sprinkled with blue cheese and drizzled with a balsamic reduction, finished with pecan crisp crackers and caramelized pears.
$8.00   Tempeh Taco Salad

Savory, seasoned tempeh and black beans on organic field greens with mild salsa and crispy organic corn tortilla chips, topped with house-made chipotle ranch.
$8.25   The Admiral (vegan and GF)

Our own three-bean blend featuring protein-packed edamame, with cranberry and carrot in sweet vinaigrette served with avocado and tomato slices on a bed of spinach.
The Uptown Apple Salad

Silky avocado and crisp apple slices, with the kick of red onion, blue cheese, and candied walnuts on a bed of spring mix, with our fresh new citrus vinaigrette.
Whole Wheat Wraps
Avocado Delight Wrap

An Infusion favorite: organic avocado, hummus, sunflower seeds and spinach.
$8.00   Concorde Wrap

Hummus, tabouleh, field greens, sunflower seeds and balsamic glaze.
$8.00   Egg Salad Wrap

Classic egg salad topped with delicate sprouts and tomato.
Hummus and Veggie Wrap

Laden with fresh veggies including tomato, spinach, red onion, bell pepper, and cucumber on a generous spread of our creamy hummus.
$8.00   Nut and Honey Wrap

Local honey, organic cashew nut butter, bananas, strawberries, and granola for a sustaining wrap.
Tea Sandwiches
Classic Cucumber Sandwich

Refreshing cucumber and cream cheese served classic tea-sandwich style: triple-decker white and wheat triangles sans crusts.
$7.00   Herbed Cream Cheese Sandwich

Cream cheese and delicate herbs with walnuts and dried cranberries on sweet fruit-and-nut bread.
$8.25   Mediterranean Sandwich

Organic spinach, roasted eggplant, pesto cream cheese, and rich tomato spread served on whole wheat.
Sun-dried Special

Sun-dried tomato spread, cream cheese, cucumber and spinach on bakery-style wheat bread.
On thick-cut Ciabatta.
Chevre Panino

Creamy goat cheese layered with spinach, marinated artichoke, ollives and tomato, topped with basil and grilled on hearty Ciabatta.
$8.50   Grilled Cheese Panino

Sharp cheddar and creamy Havarti, melted to perfection.
$8.00   Pesto Panino (vegan)

Roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, eggplant, spinach, tomato and fresh basil pesto grilled crisp.
Portobello Panino

Marinated Portobello caps, spinach, tomato, red onion, and pesto cream cheese smothered with melted provolone.
White Pizza

$8.50   Goat Cheese Pizza

Sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and pine nuts on creamy goat cheese topped with fresh spinach.
$8.50   Greek Pizza

Tomatoes, red onions, and olives with feta cheese and finished with fresh spinach.
Middle Eastern Pizza

Hummus topped with eggplant, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, goat and feta cheeses, fresh basil and olive oil drizzle.
Chili Lime Burrito

back by popular demand, the new and improved Chili Lime! hearty black beans, rice, tomato, chipotle sour cream, our signature chili sauce, and Colby-Jack cheese. Make it vegan $1.00.
$8.00   Mushroom Quesadilla

Roasted mushrooms, spinach, and hint of garlic pressed to perfection with melted cheddar jack cheese. +$1 Make it Vegan
$8.25   Quiche of the Day

A slice of homemade quiche served warm with an organic green salad.
Southwest Burrito

Southwest-seasoned tempeh, black beans, rice, onions, tomato, Colby-Jack cheese and our smoky chipotle sour cream.
$8.00   Sweet Potato Tacos

Roasted sweet potatoes, cheddar jack, fresh guacamole, & chipotle sour cream..
$8.00   The Jack Kerouac Quesadilla

this namesake quesadilla features black beans, corn, roasted red peppers, green onion and cilantro with Colby-Jack cheese.
Childrens Menu
Ages 12 and under please.
Apple Quesadilla - Kids

Melted cheddar and organic apple slices in a whole wheat tortilla.
$5.00   Cashew Butter and Jelly - Kids

Organic cashew butter and strawberry preserves on whole wheat.
$4.00   Fruit and Cheese Pinwheel - Kids

Cheese cubes served with cut fruit and a yogurt dip.
Grapes - Kids

A side of delicious grapes.
$2.00   Mom's Grilled Cheese - Kids

Just like Mom makes: buttered white bread topped with Cheddar, then warmed on the press.
Hummus, Pita and Veggies (vegan)

A generous portion of toasted pita and fresh veggies to dip in our sensational hummus.
$7.25   Large-Chevre Cheeseboard

Herbed goat cheese spread with cucumbers, green peppers, carrots, and crostini.
$16.00   Large-Seasonal Fruit and Cheeseboard

Irish Cheddar, Smoked Gouda, and creamy Havarti served with seasonal fresh fruit and crostini.
Small-Chevre Cheeseboard

Herbed goat cheese spread with cucumbers, green peppers, carrots, and crostini.
$10.00   Small-Seasonal Fruit and Cheeseboard

Irish Cheddar, Smoked Gouda, and creamy Havarti served with seasonal fresh fruit and crostini.
Coffee and Assorted Drinks
Cafe Latte/Cappuccino

Regular or flavored Ask the barista for current syrup selections
$3.50   Chai Latte

$4.50   Coffee

French-pressed on demand Regular or decaf
Green Tea Latte

Premium Tea For One Hot or Iced

Specify a flavor!
$4.10   Tea For One Hot or Iced

Specify a flavor!
Oolong Teas
Infinitely Sweet Oolong (Rare Tea Premium)

Li Li Xiang is an Anxi oolong roasted darker for a honeyed viscosity and floral finish, adn will steep several times and remain flavorsome.
$19.00   Iron Goddess of Mercy

Famous Ti Kuan Yin reminds of seasoned black cast iron, and legend has it a poor farmer prayed for way to repair the run-down temple he cared for. The iron Goddess came to him in a vision and led him
$13.00   Mokey-Picked Oolong

Once it was said that monks to pick that choicest tea high from towering plants, and though human hand now procure it, the golden liquor with its lush mouth feel will stand to at least three infusions
Orange Flower Oolong

Orange blossom start with a jasmine scent and lavender note on the finish; a cup to be savored
$8.00   Springtime Zen (Rare Tea Premium)

Our best Taiwanese oolong, lightly oxicized with long and twisting emerald leaves; infuses a clear green liquor with floral lilac and lily.
$17.00   Yellow Sprig

Huang Zhi Xian is hand craft from the Dan Chong bushes on th ePhoeniz Mountain in Guangdong Province, China. The coppery fruit front fades to savory, caramelized pear when the hand-twisted leaves are
Signature Blends
Carpe Diem

If you need a lift, a blend of spicy tea and roasted mate' will help you seize the day!
$14.00   Cold Comfort

Echinacea, lemon peel, and ginger root attacks colds while easing suffering. Try it hot with lemon and honey.
$12.00   Green Tea Jubilee

Green tea bursting with abundant fruit flavors.
Hibiscus Berry (Organic)

High in vitamin C with a deep wine color and sweet/tart flavor.
$14.00   Mint-to-be Mate'

A mint chocolate, hazelnut finish in a roasted mate' thet engerizes and tastes delicious.
$10.00   Moroccan Mint

The zing of mint and the zip of green tea perfectly blended to conjure Marrakech.
Mother's Balance (Organic)

Red Rasberry leaf is beneficial for all women, and our blend of aromatices and herbs help you recharge your inner self.
$12.00   Tres Belle (Organic)

Rare silver needle white tea, red clover blossoms, and herbal elements blended for anit-aging and complexion improvement with a softly pink liquor best enjoyed in a clear cup.
$16.00   Tropical Fusion

Herbal and ripe fruit flavored for a light taste and calming effect.
True Life (Organic)

The tea that says "Infusion:" a memorable blend of our best red, white and green teas to suppoer, heal and soothe.
Herbal Teas
Calming Chamomile

Nurturing whole chamomile bolossoms with fragrant lanvender; the tranquilizer of teas.
$7.00   Citrus Sunset (Organic)

Orange and pineapple combine with natural tart hibiscus and rose hips, loaded with Vitamin C.
$8.00   Easy Day (Organic)

Mainly minty in flavor, with tilden, linden, marshmallow, and lemon balm; detoxifying, and purported hangover cure.
Fairytale Tea (Organic)

Full of flowers and fauiry magic, perfect for sipping during bedtime stories; calendula, red clover, lavneder, chamomile, and spearment.
$9.00   Ginger Cinnamon Spice

Bold, rejuvenating blend of ginger, cinnamon bark, and orange zest.
$8.00   Happy Tummy (Organic)

Soothe your tummy with spearmint, lemongreass, calendula, rosemary, sage, catnip, and fennel.
Spice Plum

Mild plum with a florish of cinnamon spice in a tea that is truly magnificent served hot at the end of a long day.
Rainforest Mint Mate'

Awaken the mind and body with exhilarating mint.
$7.00   Roasted Mate'

Mate roasted to yield a complex, robust flavor with a caramel depth.
$7.00   Yerba Mate' (Organic/Fair Trade Certified)

The famed South American herb in its organic, unadulterated form; ancient secrest for health.
White Teas
Blueberry White

An earthy blend of berry sweetness in a luxurious tea.
$10.00   Freestone Orchard White

Subtle peach flavor with a juciy finish, and an excellent belending component.
$10.00   Jasmine Pearls (Rare Tea Premium/Organic)

Top-quality white tea leaves scented with jasmine and hand rolled into pearls; teh very epitome of tea perfection.
Rose-Colored Glasses

White tea buds are spiked with peppermint and lavender and studded with rouebuds for a tea that somehow makes everything more beautiful.
$11.00   Shou Mei (Organic)

A pure Chinese tea with a fruity body and sweet, soft milk finish.
$8.00   Silver Needles (Rare Tea Premium/Organic)

Our highest-quality white tea offers only the most tender leaves for the greatest antioxidants and a mellow, sweet flavor. Very highly recommended for tea connoisseurs.
Strawberry White

A mild strawberry note in a soft white tea.
$10.00   White Peony (Rare Tea Premium/Organic)

Bai Mu Dan is the flavor equivalent of a perfect peony blossom floating in a crystal bowl: stunning.
$20.00   White Raspberry Truffle

All of the flavor of dessert with none of the guilt, full of raspberry zing and mellow white chocolate sweetness.
Red Teas
Rooibos (Organic/Rare tea Premium/Fair Trade Certified)

Unfermented, simply flavored Rooibos taken from mountain slopes and dried quickly to stop natural axidation.
$7.00   Cape Town Chai Rooibos

All of the gutsy flavor of spicy chai, naturally with no caffeine.
$8.00   Dutch Licorice Rooibos

Mellowrooibos pairs with aniseed for a very flavorful tea. Prost! (That's cheers in Dutch.)
Honeybush (Organic)

Imported from the Cape of Good Hope, this tea has amazing natural sweetness with a stunning depth of flavor, and is excellent iced.
$8.00   Rooibos and Roses

Layers of rose and lemon in a rich, red tea.
$7.00   Vanilla Rooibos

Sweet vanilla bean in a honey textured red tea, for a caffeine-free treat.
Weekend in Provence

Smooth rooibos and a fragrant bouquet of lavender, rose, and elderberry. A customer and employee favorite.
$12.00   Winter Mint Rooibos

The natural combination of chocolate and mint in a soothing tea that is an execellent dessert replacement.
Green Teas
Buddha's Eyebrow (Organic/Rare Tea Premium)

Find enlightenment with a Taishan green tea named for its curly, thick leaf said to resemble teh eyebrow of Budda.
$12.00   China Beauty Rings (Organic/Rare Tea Premium)

First add second leaves are hand plucking, barely steamed, and then rolled around a "beauty stick" before drying. This is a jasmine scented green, with nobility and balance.
$27.00   Dragon Well (Organic/Rare Tea Premium)

Long Jing green is our finest Chinese green tea. With its wide, flat, hand-dried leaves adn its ezquisite cup, once sampled, there will be no doubt why it has been livingly tended for millennia.
Genmaicha Japanese Popcorn (Organic)

Japanese tea blended with roasted rice for a saory cup that has a toasty, nutty flavor with notes of nori.
$8.00   Green Pear

High grade sencha and crsip Asian Pear Combine in a sublimely fruited offering.
$9.00   Gunpowder

A tea drinker's staple, the tightly balled leaves are reminiscent of old-fashioned gunpowder, and the taste has a smokey pop.
Gyokuru (Rare Tea Premium)

The name means perl dew, and this tea is shaded by bamboo mats prior to picking to concentrate the chlorophyll. Rare adn amazing, deeplyu astringent with oceanic and grassy flavors dominating the cup
$20.00   Kukicha (Organic)

We offer a green, vegetal kukicha made from both the leaves and the stems of the plant. Less caffeine with umami to spare.
$12.00   Matcha

Premium sencha leaves are stone ground to a power most notably used in tea ceremonies.
Midnight Jasmine Green

Emerald green leaves scented with night-blooming jasmine.
$10.00   Passion Fruit Green

When the passion flower blooms, its purple petals give way to a fruit that transports to the tropics, and adding its flavor to a quality green ensures a transendent tea.
$8.00   Pineapple Bliss

Japanese green blends with pineapple, papaya and blue cornflower for a tea that is sweety redfreshing.

The aroma of this Japanese green reminds of spring grass through an open window. Delicate in flavor and color, an excellent choice ofor energy adn relaxation in the same sip.
16.9 oz Bottled Water (6)

All Drinks Served Room Temperature
$5.99   16.9 oz Lipton Tea with Lemon (1)

All Drinks Served Room Temperature
$1.99   16.9 oz. Bottled Water (1)

All Drinks Served Room Temperature
16.9 oz. Lipton Tea with Lemon (6)

All Drinks Served Room Temperature
$9.99   20 oz. Bottled Diet Pepsi (1)

All Drinks Served Room Temperature
$1.99   20 oz. Bottled Diet Pepsi (6)

All Drinks Served Room Temperature
20 oz. Bottled Pepsi (1)

All Drinks Served Room Temperature
$1.99   20 oz. Bottled Pepsi (6)

All Drinks Served Room Temperature
$9.99   20 oz. Fruit Punch Gatorade (1)

All Drinks Served Room Temperature
20 oz. Fruit Punch Gatorade (6)

All Drinks Served Room Temperature
$9.99   20 oz. Mt Dew (1)

All Drinks Served Room Temperature
$1.99   20 oz. Mt. Dew (6)

All Drinks Served Room Temperature
20 oz. Orange Gatorade (1)

All Drinks Served Room Temperature
$1.99   20 oz. Orange Gatorade (6)

All Drinks Served Room Temperature
$9.99   Admin Special (RDS)

Cups - 15

Bars Of Hope: Buy 1 Nourish 2 Project
$10 Make A Donation

All funds collected will go directly to the Hope Bar foundation. Thanks!
$10.00   $3 Make A Donation

All funds collected will go directly to the Hope Bar foundation. Thanks!
$3.00   $5 Make A Donation

All funds collected will go directly to the Hope Bar foundation. Thanks!
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